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We’ve begun working through a new vision process as a church. We’re working with Auxano through the Church Unique process. The two values that we resonate with, and that told me this is a great group to work with for our church, are (1) “clarity first”, and (2) every church is unique.

We started last week with our first coaching session with our “lead navigator” through the Church Unique process. I’m enthusiastic about what this will do for our church and for my effectiveness as pastoral leader.

One step in this process is “re-know” our community. What are the needs and opportunities where God has placed us? This really has to do seeing our community, our mission field, with fresh eyes.

Think about the picture you have of your community, of your family, of your neighbors, of your church, of your business. What determines what you see?

Here’s my take: The picture you see is determined by where you were looking, and where you weren’t looking, and by when you were looking there, and when you weren’t. Yep, pretty basic. But think about it.

How has the place you’ve been standing and the direction you’ve been looking shaped your vision, what you see? Do you see what’s in front of you? what’s in back? Do you see what’s sideways? what’s around the corner? what’s across town? what’s down the street?

How has the time you were looking shaped what you see? Which day of the week are you looking? What time of day are you looking? In which decade are you looking?

What do you see?

Published by Guy M Williams

Christian | Husband, Father | Pastor | 8th-Gen Texan | Texas A&M ‘96 | Asbury Seminary ‘01 | Enjoy family, reading, running, golf, college football

2 thoughts on “what you see

  1. Great thoughts, Guy.

    Not only is it when or where you look, but where and when are you willing to look. Too many people know where the “bad” streets and neighborhoods are, so those areas instantly become “not my area”. But if you look at it strictly on a geographical basis, those areas are not only close, but great opportunities for service to the community!

  2. Good questions guy

    Consider approaching it from this angle: the one spot you can’t see is the place in which you are actually standing. That is the blind spot. This is the place from which our literal and metaphorical “point of view” originates. The deepest perspectives open up when we finally become aware of our most deeply held assumptions. Nothing determines our perception more than this.

    If this line of thinking interests you consider “Theory U” by Otto Scharmer. It’s the most impacting book on leadership I’ve ever read– and unique as well.

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