Pastor and Coach

About me

I am Pastor of First Methodist Church in Dayton, Texas.

I am a graduate of Texas A&M University and Asbury Theological Seminary and have served Methodist churches in youth or pastoral ministry for over twenty-five years in Missouri, Kentucky, and Texas. .

In 2017, I became a Birkman Certified Professional and have coached/consulted with pastors, church staffs, new clergy, pastoral intern programs, and municipal leadership development programs.

I have been married to Abby since December 2001 and we are blessed with three fantastic kids. In my free time, I enjoy reading, running, hiking, golf, travel, and college football.


Each person has a powerful and unique contribution to make to their families, workplaces, and communities. But we often doubt our gifts and struggle with personal obstacles. Still, we never let go of our desire to make a difference.

Developing our emotional intelligence is a significant factor in growing our capacity as people and requires deeper knowledge our ourselves. There are tools and frameworks that can yield important and significant insights. That’s not enough however. As the maxim goes, “information does not transform.”

The bridge between information and transformation is application. It is only through on-going practice with reflection and support that we experience the personal change we seek and make possible the change we want to see in our relationships, organizations, and communities.

The programs and services I offer are designed to provide information, guide application, and produce transformation.