Relationship Accelerator

Avoid wasting those early months. Accelerate the onboarding process.

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Getting to know people takes time. New beginnings come with natural energy and excitement. Why waste months or years building up the kind of interpersonal understanding that is vital to effective supervision and leadership with new team members? Powered by The Birkman Method, this process will save months (at least) in understanding effective leadership and supervision in new staff/team relationships. 

How Relationship Accelerator Works…

1. Review your Birkman Signature Report/s

2. See how your specific similarities and differences impact your approach and communication

3. Create an action plan for effective supervision and/or teamwork

With Relationship Accelerator You Will:

  • Identifying specific similar and dissimilar personality areas
  • Tools for planning effective communication of expectations, support, and accountability in supervision or team relationships
  • Follow-up consultation to create an action plan to translate learning into practical application 

Relationship Accelerator Is Great For: 

  • New supervisor-direct report relationships
  • Leaders onboarding new team members
  • New organizational leaders to an existing staff or team

What is my investment? 

  • $399 for Relationship Accelerator consulting program
  • Plus $249 for each participant who needs a Birkman Report 
  • Pay by Cash, Check, or Venmo (other payment options coming)
  • *5% of revenue from Relationship Accelerator is donated to Zoe Empowers, an organization that empowers orphaned children to escape poverty.


If you are not 100% satisfied with Relationship Accelerator, you can request a full refund up to 90 days after the completion of the program.