reading the bible as one story 2

A few more thoughts related to the post a few days ago, reading the bible as one story 1. I’ll probably trickle along with thoughts on the Theology Today essay I mentioned previously, “The Urgency of Reading the Bible as One Story,” by Michael W. Goheen of Trinity Western University. So, I’ll only share a little bit here, content that this is not my only chance to share these thoughts…

On the modern press away from narrative as an overarching category (rather than only as a literary genre), Goheen has the following to say:

“We have fragmented the Bible into bits—moral bits, systematic-theological bits, devotional bits, historical-critiqual bits, narrative bits, and homiletical bits. When the Bible is broken up this way, there is no comprehensive grand narrative to withstand the power of the comprehensive humanist narrative that shapes our culture.” (64:4, p. 472)

Quoting NT Wright’s essay, “How Can the Bible Be Authoritative?” he presses folks holding the “conservative view” of Scripture. Wright “notes that Christians have often found the authority of the Bible in timeless truth and principles, or as a witness ro primary events, or in its timeless function.” Add to this:

“The problem with all such solutions as to how to use the Bible is that they belittle the Bible and exalt something else. Basically they imply–and this is what I mean when I say they offer too low a view of Scripture–that God, after all, has given us the wrong sort of book and it is our job to turn it into the right sort of book.” (64:4, p. 474)