on bart ehrman

Here’s an article posted today at on the agnostic biblical scholar Bart Ehrman of UNC Chapel Hill. I’m quoted in the article because of my take on Ehrman’s work generally and newest in particular, Jesus, Interrupted, in this post from a couple of months ago. 

I’ll collect some thoughts and share a little more later, but I did want to go ahead and post the link. I will also express appreciation for the writer, John Blake. He contacted me about an interview last Friday, which we set up for Monday (he’d come across my blog post in his research). We spoke for about 45 minutes on Monday morning. He was inquisitive and open to my perspective on the matter. Plus, to his credit on a religious story, his interest in my perspective was expressly an interest in the experience of pastors and churches, preachers and their laity, in light of Ehrman’s work and publishing success. 

I’ll share more of what I said on Monday later, but for now I will affirm Willimon’s take—more on that later too.