Unique You

Your contribution matters. That’s why Unique You is so important. 

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We want to bring our very best to our professional and personal commitments. But sometimes we lack clarity, doubt ourselves, or keep getting tripped up on the same obstacles time and again. Powered by The Birkman Method, Unique You uncovers your superpowers, inner motivations, stress triggers that hold you back, and what you personally need in order to be at your best.

Avoid spinning your wheels in personal and professional growth. Open new horizons of personal development and transformation with Unique You.

How Unique You Works…

1. Request the online Birkman Assessment

2. Gain clarity through your unique Birkman Signature Report

3. Implement a personalized Action Plan that works

Benefits of Unique You: 

  • Grow your Emotional Intelligence
  • Increase your self- and social-awareness
  • Enhance knowledge of your strengths
  • Better understand your inner motivations 
  • Build resilience by learning what it takes for you personally to thrive
  • Improve self-leadership strategies, based on your specific personality
  • Expand your leadership influence in your team, organization, and community

Unique You Includes: 

  • Personal Birkman Signature Series Report (Discount available for clients who already have a Birkman. See below.)
  • Review and debrief of your Birkman Report
  • Tools to facilitate deeper insights and applications from your Birkman Report
  • Guided action plan to translate learnings from your Birkman Report into practical application

Unique You Is Great For:

  • Students preparing for college or the workforce
  • New professionals seeking to expand self understanding and grow relational skills
  • Mid-career persons assessing the second half
  • Professionals transitioning to a new organization or position who want to get a fresh assessment of their personal development priorities
  • Retired persons desiring the right focus to make the most of the golden years

What’s My Investment?

  • Unique You is $499 
  • Clients who already have a Birkman report save $150 and pay $349
  • Payment by Cash, Check, or Venmo (other payment options coming)
  • *5% of revenue from Unique You is donated to Zoe Empowers, an organization that empowers orphaned children to escape poverty.

Unique You for Groups is also available

  • Unique You is also suitable for a group experience for team-building or leadership development programs.
  • Contact me to inquire about this option and include your industry, size of group, and project.


  • If you are not 100% satisfied with Unique You, you may receive a full refund within 90 days of the completion of the program.